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    Discover Cameroonian Entrepreneur & humanitarian; Mr Lessley Angelburgh Ngwa!


    1- Who is M.Lessley Angelburgh Ngwa?

    This question makes me feel like I’m in a job interview, lol. Well…I am a young Cameroonian born in Tiko with a desire to contribute in my own humble way, to the growth and development of my country and Africa at large.

    2- Why did you delve into humanitarian activities?  

    Well, a journey of a thousand mile begins with a step.
    Coming from a humble home where I was raised by a single mother, it's hard not to be inspired by the courage and dedication of women, and mothers. I am Inspired by stories of young girls who got abused and abandoned with pregnancies as well as teenagers who had to interrupt their education and career path at incredibly young ages to raise their children.
    This strongly created a need for me to fight not only for the weak, but for women in particular and give them the support I wish my mother had received. My desire is to achieve this by celebrating the courage, sacrifice and relentless dedication they have.

    3- Tells us more about Angel's Vision for Africa Foundation and what inspired it?

    AVA is a vision…my vision. The vision of man who sees a better and stronger future for Africa.
    From providing professional on-demand job trainings, to sponsoring start-ups, AVA aims to contribute to poverty alleviation by empowering young Africans to stand up for themselves. The goal is to change the mindset of this generation and the next from that of dependency to being independent. It's time for Africans to use their skills, abilities, and abundant resources to lift themselves out of poverty.
    I would like to think that the AVA Foundation not just an “eye opener” to awaken the creativity and ingenuity of the Cameroonian and African Youth, but it will also be a bridge of sorts to realize their goals and live up to their potential. Given the opportunity, the AVA Foundation would also consistently reiterate to these youths, the need for collaboration towards our common objectives. That is how we grow. To me, it is the only way we grow.

    4- As an entrepreneur, what is the most challenge you face? 

    Being an African alone is a big challenge. It is almost like a constant battle. You have to fight on your own to create a name for yourself and the worst part is, majority of the time you fight against the people you would expect to…guide you, show you the way and lift you up. 

    5- This year is still a challenging one due to the COVID 19. Is there any action AVA Foundation have planned accordingly?

    Covid -19 has fundamentally changed our society and lifestyle. It's hard to say, but we might not be going back to the old norms.  In Africa, some of the most affected groups are students, mothers, and parents. And the impact is, to me, tripled by the effects of the anglophone crisis.
    However, we have an amazing team of talented volunteers working hard to design future projects to manage the fallout from the pandemic and to help fight against or reduce the spread of the virus by creating forums for sensitisation, providing support to the most vulnerable through masks and other sanitary accessories.

    6- In 5 years, what does Angel's Vision for Africa Foundation would achieve? 

    The most important goal for us is to impact more people. Get more youths trained, get as many kids as possible off the streets, get more small start-ups flourishing and more people involved in our vision and mission. These are the statistics we will be looking at in the next 5 years.

    7- What do you hope to accomplish through your Foundation?

    As mentioned earlier, the aim is to establish independent Cameroonians and Africans and take off the idea that we cannot make it at home. Yes we can! With some trainings and a little push, we are always able to stand on our own. We can make it anywhere, especially at home.

    8- What do you wish everyone knew about the cause you are fighting for?

    That Africa can be built by Africans. We cannot wait for saviours to come from other places. For those who have been able to make it, if we all can turn around and help each other, even in the slightest way, then it would greatly improve our position. We would certainly be better off than we were yesterday for like I said, collaborating towards common objectives is how we grow.
    Part of that is bringing home our various expertise acquired from around the world. That is the kind of energy that Africa needs for a better tomorrow.

    9 - If someone wants to donate, what is the contact to?

    First, I would like to acknowledge the impact that the AVA Foundation has been able to create. I also am honored to see the growing conversations around the initiative and am grateful for the encouragement we have received. 

    Based on our first activity – AVA Gift Initiative – there are persons who are eager to come in and contribute in any way they can or to make different type of donations. We gladly welcome this.

    However, because of the grand misconception around such initiatives in Africa, we are working to build a transparent mechanism and platform for donors to be able to track their donations. It is only fair. One of our fundamental values is integrity and we aim to have this reflect in everything we do. 

    So for now, we are creating a data base of all the persons looking to make contributions. Kindly contact us on 675 44 86 32 and we be happy to register you for a future donation and tell you about our volunteer opportunities.

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