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    This is an explicit revelation of what really happened that led to the Kumba Massacre!

    #BetaPipol Serge Matomba makes explicit revelations about what really happened that led to the Kumba Massacre.

    Remember we posted that he was in Kumba yesterday, so he spoke extensively to the affected.

    This is his revelation:

    The boys entered the school on motorbikes and headed straight to the Principal's office. They had a conversation with the Principal, asking for their due(money).

    The principal refused to give them what they wanted, it ended up in a heated disagreement, then they stormed out of the Principal's office in a rage, went into the nearest classroom, opened fire, and left!

    The school was not operating under the norms of how other schools in Kumba are operating. That is, they don't sing the national anthem there, they don't hoist the Cameroon flag...

    The school was operating according to the "laws" of the "boys" and in exchange, the "boys" endorsed the school and protected it. 

    Their protection came with a price-"their due."

    So when they went to collect "their due" on Saturday, and did not get it, they decided to pour their rage on the students, as some sort of revenge. 

    Matomba says that in his opinion, the boys are miscreants of a high order and should be treated asuch. He recommends the use of force/military to get rid of them.

    He says it is the duty of the government to ensure security of its citizens, so they should do just that.

    He also expresses hurt over the plight of the grieving parents, and denounces the brutal killing of the innocent children.

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