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    President Paul Biya adheres to the cry of people of the Ebo Forest!

    The President of the Republic has once again heard the cries of the people; the latter not knowing which way to turn, following a decision of the Prime Minister relating to the Forest of Ebo, which dedicated an area of ​​68,385 Hectares to logging under the title of UFA 07-006 in through the classification act n ° 2020/3216 signed on July 14, 2020. 

    The said decision quickly plunged the residents of the Nkam and Sanaga Maritime (in the Littoral region) into total disarray. It should be remembered that the Ebo Forest is one of the few in the world whose rich biodiversity is undeniable; we still find rare species like gorilla species; Pan troglodytes ellioti (increasingly considered the most endangered species), forest elephants, gray parrots, gray-necked picathartes, drills and many more. 

    Other species that could have suffered complete extinction as a result of logging and even poaching activities. For the vast majority, these species of the Ebo forest are according to the IUCN classification, in the red list of threatened and in danger of extinction. 

    It is on the strength of all this that on VERY HIGH INSTRUCTIONS from the Head of STATE, it was ordered on August 11, 2020, the outright cancellation of the process of classifying the Forest of Ebo in UFA. 

    The said cancellation thus joins the decisions of 2006 which classified this heritage rich in biodiversity as a national park. This cancellation decision of the Head of State therefore not only reassured the international environmental organizations which had attacked Cameroon for having almost allowed "disastrous deforestation for the ecosystem", but it was also highly praised by the international community. , NGOs and governments, to the point where film stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and many other high-profile world personalities, have not failed to show their joy and solidarity.

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