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    2 tomato sellers commit suicide!

    BetaPipol According to the association of tomato sellers dem for Cameroon, 2 of dier members dey don commit suicide... 1 persin for Bangangté(West Region) and the oda persin for Yawundeh.

    Weti happun?

    Dey commit suicide na bicos dey be borrow money for do dier tomato bisness, but bicos of Coronavirus, dey nova fit recover money for pay dier debtors dem.

    The one for Yawundeh be borrow 12 million frs, and e don make olé 2 million frs bak. E decide for kill e sef bicos e no kno how e go pay pipo dier 10 million frs.

    So tin way di happun na say as dey lock borders so bicos of di Coronavirus tin, tomato sellers dey nodi fit export dier tomato. 2/3rd of dier market na oda African contri dem inside CEMAC zone. Now way dey lock border since March, dey no fit sell dier tomato again for dat oda contri dem.

    So dier supply be higher dan demand. Na why dat way now so, price for 1 basket tomato don drop drastically from 3,500frs to 750frs. The tomato sellers dey di ova lossis! Some one dey don abandon tomato for dier farms dem make e rotten. Bicos now, dey di rely olé for wa Cameroonian market, way na olé 1/3rd of dier normal tomato Market...
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