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    Man stabs his girlfriend to death, and attempts to kill himself too, in Buea!

    Beta Pipol e don happun again oo😭bicos of palava mblackos & ndehpeucheuh, some geh dey mortuary and some paddyman dey hospitul di fight for e life😭

    So tin way happun na say weti?

    Akawung Franka, some undergraduate Law student for university of Buea, be di follow Tonji Alain.

    Alain be be na barber by profession. Dey be meetop for school, for form 3. Alain drop out of school for dat form 3 bicos money nobi dey for kontinu for school. Na so e go start do barbing work, for Muea(Buea). 

    According to tin way we hear, Alain hustle Franca for 2 years, before Franca gree for follow e. 
    Dier follow start way Franca dey Lowersixth. Alain hustle pay Franca e school fees from dat Lowersixth, sotey Franca kam enta University.

    As a matter of fact, Alain be pay 800,000frs for say make Franca pass some gofmen concour afta e be get e A Levels, but the réseaux knock, Franca fail the concour.

    Na so Franca las enta UB di do Law. We hear say Franca be don even carry belleh for Alain, but e be las moveam. Dey don di follow for 5years, dey be di plan for marret.

    Tin way shock Alain na say, dat yesterday, e discover say Franca be di cheat on e, wit some diffrent paddyman way geh money pass e, sotey e be don go sign docki for marret, wit dat diffrent paddyman.

    E confront Franca for house, dey start fight, sotey e las take knife, chuk Franca. Den e chuk e sef too. Franca loss blood sotey die, e dey mortuary. Meanwhile Alain dey for critical condition for hospitul now so. 

    Make Franca RIP 🕯 
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