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    "My parents have turned their backs on me..." - Brenda Biya reveals

    BetaPipol Somtin di happun wit Bébé Bree o...

    For like 2 weeks now, e don di post some kine messages dem for e Twitter. For the tweets dem, na tin dis way e di tok:

    E say e comot Switzerland kam Cameroon for confinement na bicos e pray and God tell e say some bad tin like coup d'etat go happun for pays, so make e kam bak for pays for helep. Na so e teh Papa P say e wan kam bak, sotey e send jet for go bring e.

    Now, Bree say e decide for tell dem tin way God say make e tell dem, but dey vex start maltreat e. E say e be propose fine ideas dem for helep wa contri, but dey blas.

    E say dey nobi di flop e fridge as usual, e nobi di chop fine, dey be off e internet, bad spirits dey be di attack e, e nobi di fit sleep for nite, e be di hear strange noises dem, e di loss weight, e skin colour nodi shine again, dey di hide e puppy dogs dem etc

    E say e Papa and e mami dey kno say dey di maltreat e, and dey di livam.

    E say e no wan be Cameroonian again, e wan change e nationality.

    E say e sister in law kam see e, wise weti e be di go tru, take e, run wit e. E take e out of dat Unity Palace, go keep e for different place. E say at least for dat place e be get peace. E say e thank e sister in law.

    Afta 2days, Papa P send pipo dem for go carry e bring e bak for house.

    As e go bak, e say make e fans dey pray for e. Say if e die make pipo kno say e be di try for helep.

    Afta, e post say dey don make peace. Say dey don flop e fridge bak, say all tin don go bak to normal.

    Afta dat, e deactivate dat e twitter account. E create new one. For the new one e say if e die, den make pipo kno day e die as matyr. Say dey di maltreat e so na bicos e decide for do tin way God tell e make e do.

    E say all tin di do e, say e get thyroid problems(basedow's disease), depression, ocular disease and now hemorrhoids(pile) don add on top. Say e di sick all di tindem way e doctors dey dey na Europe.

    Day before Yesterday, e say dey don hack dat e new Twitter account.

    Den, e post videos way e di chill for Etoudi. Today e post video as e di comot di feel free.

    So wheda the maltreatment don end or na how o...

    E say e di launch some e new business for yawundeh

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