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    Controversy surrounds Prophet Frankline Afanwi's alleged death!

    #BetaPipol no official statement nova comot from Prophet Frank e camp about e die o... Some pipo dey di tok say e nova die sef... Well, So far, na the tin dis way we don gada:

    -From some eye witness, on Friday May 8th, Prophet Frankline be dey involved for some serious motor accident around Express Union, Souza. E survive the accident, but the source no kno how the matter las end, wheda e be go hospitul or how...

    -Di morning time, wheda na how o, news comot say e don die. Say e die for e house. Na Serge Matomba be be first man for bring the news online, say Prophet Frank don die.

    So we send some wa beta persin for e house for go really find out weti di go on...Dat wa beta persin go for dey.

    Una see pics way e takeam for front e house. Na e house dat wit green roof. Na ambulance motor dat for front the house and police. Dey nodi gree make any man enta e house now so.

    So even neighbours dey no really be sure of weti di happun. Some neighbours dey di tok say e die inside house. Oda one dey di tok say na COVID19 kill e bicos dey see ambulance for front e house wit health personnel way wear overall protective clothing. 

    Dat wa beta persin way go the house teh we say e Church members dey don gada front the house di pray for e. Dey say e nova die, say e just di suffer from some critical condition but e nova die. 

    Some paddyman too way e sister na Pastor, and Prophet Frank e family friend, di claim say e don call the Prophet Frank e family and dey say e nova die. Say e di suffer from some critical condition, and nobi COVID19.

    Dat wa beta persin way dey front the house now so, di tell we say, so far, dey nova yet see the man e corpse comot for the house. Na why dat Ambulance still stand for dey...

    So na the updates dat way we don gada...wheda e don die o, or e nova die o... Make una judge from weti we don teh una... But wa ear dey dey for ground, as we hear any new gist, we go update una.

    Meanwhile, CRTV, Canal 2, Equinoxe TV,  My Media Prime TV, dey don already make announcement say e don die... 

    UPDATE: e family don finally confirm say e don die. 

    Make e RIP 🕯️ 

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