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    The relics of War: Case of Brigitte & Prince, refugees in Cameroon from the Central African Republic.

    "I was sweeping the yard when they started shooting. Houses were broken and others burned. That's when I entered the house to save the sleeping baby. Then I fled." - Brigitte

    In 2014, in the Central African Republic, Brigitte made a courageous decision. Despite the violence, she braved the risks to save her grandson. The boy's mother, her daughter, is missing.

    "When war breaks out, everyone tries to save themselves. I just had time to enter the house and carry the baby."-She said

    To save their lives, Brigitte walked a few kilometers before finding one of the vehicles escorting people fleeing the violence.

    "We drove all day and stopped at night to sleep. Only then did I try to look for food for the little one."

    Forced to flee and without resources, Brigitte had to rely on the charity of strangers to feed the baby; depriving herself. It was only after two days that Brigitte and her grandson found refuge in Cameroon. They have been living there for five years now.

    Today, Prince is a 7 year old boy. His weakened grandmother is finding it harder and harder to take care of him.

    "At first, I managed with a small business, I even managed to put him in school for a while, but for a year now, I have abandoned everything. A fall I survived during our escape, has caused me pain that now prevents me from working."- she says

    Brigitte is worried about her grandson. She is afraid of not being able to continue to support herself but she hopes that her daughter will be finally found and will be able to take over with this son whom she did not see growing up.

    Prince's mother is still missing. Optimistic, Brigitte sees her grandson growing and counts the days, reassured that soon her daughter will join them.

    This story was curated the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) in Cameroon. Reuniting families, in cases of disappearance after war, is one of their missions in Cameroon, and they have taken up the challenge to help Brigitte to find her daughter. Updates on the story, coming up.

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