New Music Video : Micki Wren-Kpakoro

Voguish Cameroonian Afropop artist, Micki Wren, hereby announces the unveiling of his clip entitled "KPAKORO", obtainable on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

On a mellow, groovy and rhythmic beat accompanied by the comely vocals of Micki Wren, "Kpakoro" successfully captures the artist's origins and aspirations, in the semblance of some illustrious men in his community.

With the paramount duo of Master Roboster as producer and Geraldrico Guevara as director of the clip, Micki Wren lays yet another brick to his legacy as he continues his upsurge in the Afropop milieu. Click below to watch and enjoy:

The artist's potential to deliver speedily yet with so much finesse is a force to reckon with, as "Kpakoro" comes in quick succession to "How we Roll" and "Nene" released not long.

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