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    METUMAH WENDY and her journey with the METUMAH FOUNDATION

    Charity is something many youths find very challenging.  They believe that you need to be too wealthy in order to be able to reach out to the less privileged . But this is not the case with Wendy Metumah. A global citizen, agripreneur and a philanthropist who hails from Ngoketunjia Division. Passionate about talented humans and a lover of culture. She owns a foundation called the METUMAH FOUNDATION.

    They train orphans on how to do stuff like jewelry from beads, recycling of stuff like earings with ankara designs and many more. METUMAH FOUNDATION is not out to to give out fish to orphans.  They rather believe that teaching these underprivileged persons how to catch will lead to a long term sustainability. That is the reason why, just like every charity organization, they started up by reaching out with food stuff but along the line,  discovered a better way to sustain orphans and the less privileged.

    When Betatinz ask Wendy METUMAH to what extend she intended to take the foundation, she said "I want to create a global showcase market for them. So we empower them with the skills and provide them with  tools to for production. After 3 months, we give them a platform to showcase what they have produced.  This is to be done in all regions in Cameroon, where all orphans and disabled people will be involved, and showcase is done per region." which we could title the Project,  LEND A HELPING HAND TRADE FAIR.

    However,  just like every foundation, METUMAH has a few challenges. You will agree with us that running a Foundation like this requires a lot of funds.  But they mostly work on internal fund raising and support from well wishers. But to solve this problem,  Wendy and her team are working on getting a farm which will serve as a source of income.

    Furthermore, how the head of the orphanages receive them is equally another serious challenge. They don't see the bigger picture, all they want is instant food and money.

    Which they can't give always because they use some of the money to purchase the tools  used for the workshop.

    Also,  people buy into the vision from the beginning. But along the line,  they back out which makes it very hard for the METUMAH FOUNDATION to have A solid team.  It is for this reason that a campaign for volunteers to join the foundation was launched.

    Children going through traumatic experiences may need help from therapists. We recommend BetterHelp. They are reachable here: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/psychologists/is-online-psychiatry-effective/

    Betatinz will like to appreciate the efforts of the available team members for their endless support towards helping the foundation achieve their goals. Special thanks to the following members.

    Lengouh Clarisse for her services secretary general

    Nfor Katrine and Ntoko Derrick who handle Public Relations

    Nsai Joseph  web guru

    Nyingchia David and Metumah Evanna for always advising and Fon Noel who is in charge of communication.

    Just in case you wanted to follow the activities of the foundation, you can check them out on Facebook: Metumah's Foundation and on instagram: metumahsfoundation

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