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    Diplomacy: The versatile game of the ambassador of the United States in Cameroon

    As written by John Akuma:

    The recent events that Cameroon is going through in terms of security and politics has exposed many actors whose interests are being revealed over time, interests either in favor of Cameroon or or in favour of her detractors.

    Tibor Peter Nagy, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs is expected in Cameroon on March 17. This visit is part of an African tour which he began this Monday, March 04. As Cameroon prepares to receive the one that has been dubbed "Mr. Africa" ​​Donald Trump, the topics he will discuss with the administrative authorities are lengthy. Many topics will have to be on the menu of exchanges.

    The US president's envoy is expected to discuss the management of the Cameroonian government's crisis in Cameroon, the measures taken so far to remedy it, the fight against Boko Haram in the northern regions, humanitarian operations carried out jointly on the country and the economic challenges facing Cameroon. As for several years, the United States will be able to offer Cameroon means to achieve the goal of emergence.

    The policy will also be on the menu with topics such as the case of Maurice Kamto and company, currently in detention. Some Cameroonians. All these doubts arise from the troubled game played by the US Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlein.

    Through a recent chronology of facts, everything indicates that the American ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin, on a mission ordered in Cameroon on behalf of the various pressure groups and business lobbies, has become over the days this prophet who is now adamant to accomplish his predictions of chaos and social disorder in our country.

    The numerous events that have taken place in recent days, both in the English-speaking regions and in certain cities of Cameroon, with the various provocations of Maurice Kamto and his supporters following the October 7th election, attest to this.

    In 2018, the US ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, accused government forces of targeted killings, illegal detentions, arson and village looting. This is the same scenario that occurred after the assassination of the American priest in the South West region a few months ago.

    Without a valid document, Peter Henry Barlerin accused the Cameroonian security forces of being the source of looting in these two regions: "We urge the immediate cessation of attacks aimed indiscriminately against civilians and fires. houses by Cameroonian government forces, as well as attacks by English-speaking separatists against security forces and civilians. Systematic intimidation based on ethnicity and religion, including in Yaoundé and Douala, must stop. In memory of the American missionary Charles Wesco and all those who lost their lives in the Anglophone crisis, we urge all parties to end the violence and begin a broad dialogue of reconciliation without preconditions. "

    Nevertheless, no excuses were made when these claims turned out to be false.

    The relations between Cameroon and the United States are "excellent", according to the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. The only area in which they trample is politics, and this is because Peter Henry Barlerin, who should mediate for both states, likes to play the leader of the opposition. Several members of the Cameroonian government question the position of this diplomat who supports the opposition in this mess. The results of the presidential election, however, are clear and have been approved by both the people and the international community and therefore the United States as well.

    The reaction of Tibor Peter Nagy, US Secretary of State, giving the position of the Trump government on the October 7th poll in Cameroon, does not suffer from any ambiguity on the quality of relations between Cameroon and the United States .

    "(...) In Africa, the United States does not support candidates, but electoral and transparent processes. The vote in Cameroon was a success and there is no reason to believe that it does not reflect the choice of the population (...), " said the senior US official bluntly. This is clear to testify to the quality of relations between the two sovereign states to confirm in the eyes of all that there are no gray areas in relations between Yaounde and Washington.

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