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    Is it true that relationship counseling is a form of therapy?

    Indeed, relationship counseling is therapy. It is otherwise known as couples therapy or relationship therapy. It is when an expert, usually referred to as a therapist/counsellor, attempts to improve romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts between a couple.

    Many people go for relationship counselling when their relationships are about to hit the rocks, but that is not how it is meant to be. It is adviced to seek the help of a relationship counsellor even when things are not that bad in your relationship, so as to help you with clarity to make decisions that are right for you as concerns your relationship.

    Sometimes, all we need is to talk to somebody we don’t know, about stuff we are going through, especially if the person is trained and can use the information we give them to enable us identify what is going on and what we need to do. In other words, that is what happens during relationship counselling.

    Studies show that, in the hands of a good counselor, marriage counseling is successful 70- 80% of the time," according to William Doherty, PhD, LCSW. Doherty is a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota.

    It happens that relationships get to a point where either partner lacks the ability to see things objectively. In such cases. A third party in the person of a relationship therapist is effective in bringing out a fresh new perspective that can solve pending issues.

    There are several platforms where one can go to solicit help from trained couple’s counsellors. One of such platforms is regain.us They offer relationship counseling, among other services via face to face consultation and online consultation, via a group of trained therapists/counselors with years of experience.

    The cost per session depends on the duration you want to subscribe for. They have editorials on how to go about it on the website ; regain.us Click HERE to read.

    Meanwhile, this is a testimonial from a lady whose divorce from her husband got averted after she paid a visit to couples therapist ; Brad Robinson :

    “I want to sincerely thank you for your advice on how to stop my divorce.  I honestly thought (and was told countless times by my husband, as you saw in counseling), that there was no hope. 

    My husband had started dating a girl somewhat seriously and had moved on because I had hurt him too many times.  I was devastated, to say the least, because I had finally realized that the grass was not greener by divorcing, and that I wanted my husband and family back.

    I had done all the wrong things to get him back: begged, pleaded, said I'd change, etc. and that had only pushed him further and further away.  The moment we walked out your door, back in July, I quickly followed the advice you’d given me like my life depended on it (because it did).

    Well, it worked.  It took a few weeks, but things slowly started to turn around, and we are now back together, living together, and have withdrawn the divorce. 

    Our marriage has never been stronger, honestly.  We both have changed drastically since the separation, and we have a new and revitalized relationship.  I cannot thank you enough.  What you did for me, for us, has forever impacted our lives and our children's lives.”

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