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    If you are considering marriage, you need this type of therapy :

    Premarital counselling is the type of therapy that all couples need before they officially tie the knot and get married.

    Premarital counseling is a specialized form of therapy which is done by a marriage counselor/therapist before two people embark on a long-term journey of commitment called marriage.

    The general goal of premarital counseling is to identify areas that have the potential of causing conflicts in the relationship later-on and addressing them, in such a way that they loss the capability of being major problems in the future.

    Another importance of premarital counseling is the fact both partners are taught effective ways to tackle conflicts in the marriage.

    Some of the potential areas of conflict that premarital counseling can help couples to identify and address are: family dynamics, number of children, finances, career paths and goals, child bearing methods, and several others.

    According to a survey published in the journal of family psychology, couples who had participated in premarital counseling were 31% less likely to divorce.

    With the high wave of divorce in this time and age, premarital counseling is almost a must.

    Several people have a misconception that premarital counseling is for religious people, that is absolutely false. Everybody is free to engage in premarital counseling before they get married.

    If you need help locating an expert counselor/therapist visit regain.us it is a platform which makes it easy for people to have access to marriage therapists and counselors.

    They also have editorials which give vivid explanations on the pros and cons of premarital counseling. Click HERE to read.

    Here are some testimonials from people who went through premarital counseling and the effect it has had on the marriages:

    Story 1:

    “Premarital coaching has helped our relationship dramatically. We were not married or even engaged at the start, but got engaged during coaching. Coaching has helped us identify, voice and come up with solutions to problem areas. It has also helped us re-prioritize. Before coaching, we were disconnected, frustrated and had lots of conflict. Now, we are both very aware of our actions, words, goals and putting into practice what we’ve been learning.”

    Story 2:

    “I loved every minute of our coaching experience!  Our coaches were able to provide us with the insights of what marriage is about. All this information made me and my fiancé feel closer together. It also helped us to see what the other partner was going through when dealing with the same situation. Just an eye opener! I was not able to communicate on a very close level to my fiancé. I was afraid to tell him some things. I didn’t feel that he would understand it or just would get mad at me.  After going through a couple of sessions, that improved greatly! I personally feel more open with my fiancé. I learned that a man’s thinking process and decision making process is totally different from a woman’s. I learned that when there are misunderstandings, it’s not because my fiancé stopped loving me. It’s just he as a man has a different perspective.”

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