The International Airline Association suspends Camair-Co!

Camair-Co is no longer a safe airline according to IATA, the International Airline Association.
The Cameroonian company has just lost it's IOSA certification following the recent audit conducted by IATA which highlighted 76 safety gaps on essential criteria.

The IOSA certification is the minimum standard required of any airline that indicates that it meets the criteria of safety and security.
Indeed Camair-Co was unable to maintain standards on 8 key points:

Corporate organization and management systems; flight operations; operational control - flight regulation; aircraft engineering and maintenance (safety and maintenance procedures) cabin operations (maintenance of crew skills); ground services; freight activities; and operational safety (control of safety standards within the airline).

The last certification was obtained in 2016 under the former Minister of Transport, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo. Many experts believe that it was paid for, because the company has never been up to international standards. But this time, given the deterioration of the situation, IATA has suspended it.

CamairCo is facing the following repercussions:

-Eviction from IATA, the International Association of Airlines.
-Travel agencies around the world will no longer be able to sell Camair-Co tickets.
-It will be banned from operating on several regional and international lines.
-It will be canceled by the institutions for their staff. It's only field of deployment will remain the domestic lines.
IATA's report showing a suspended CAMAIR-CO

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