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    Jovi and Tzy Panchak fight dirty on Social Media!

    For days now, Jovi has dedicated his Tweets to throwing shade at Stanley Enow's music, insulting and mocking at Stanley Enow and his brother; Martin Enow. See all about it HERE!

    Tzy Panchak posted a tweet about it, referring to Jovi, and calling on him to stop the negative energy. See his Tweet below:

    Jovi in turn responded:

    Tzy Panchak, responded:

    Jovi then posted a Series of Tweets, insulting Panchak's face, his voice, and his music.

    Panchak responded with what some people have termed, the clapback of the century. He said:

    ‪I will say this for the last time so let it sink in Pa jovi ‬
    ‪No one I repeat no one can stop me only God .you no sabi any of my songs but you know I sing like Davido or sound Nigerian  .Some dull thing 😂‬
    ‪You are so Negative all you do is always try to talk down on your own people, such a negative human being .you will never let that happen ?Are you kidding me ‬
    ‪wah God father for Cameroon music in your head‬ .Now to reality let me tell you who you really are ‬,
    ‪An Okay Rapper ‬
    ‪Wack singer ‬
    ‪Good but selfish producer ‬
    ‪You  don’t produce for other artist ‬
    ‪You don’t promote local media ‬
    ‪No features with other artist out of your label ‬
    ‪You don’t even appreciate your own fans ‬
    ‪Never supported the less privileged or show example to the youths .‬
    ‪Your own fans are going through a tough time right now still no word from you ‬
    ‪You don’t share music/project from fellow artist ‬
    ‪If na Quincy Jones you go hurry share..Wah American 😂😂‬
    ‪Such a negative soul reason why all artists in your label left you even without hope of getting signed ‬
    ‪20 years from now u go turn that pa them for village way di kill people their pikin them out of jealousy 😂‬
    ‪Sorte you too di talk about dry with me or strong jaw omg 😂😂‬
    ‪If i stand for some place you go fit comot from that your hole Pa ?‬
    ‪This is not about Stanley or My way song ,I just wonder how one man go still carry hate for heart all this years .you must be living a sad life ‬
    AMA I will start going for international Tour 
    2 years later still same place 
    This is what happens to Negative people 
    To think that I even prayed for your career years back 
    Continue di dance ya yege yege you bro 
    I get concerts to prepare for 
    🇬🇧 Birmingham NOV 10
    🇺🇸 HousTon Javafest 16/17/18

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