Breaking News: Presidential Candidate; Cabral Libii, demands for all the October 7th votes to be cancelled! Read his press statement:

In a communiqué released by Presidential Candidate; Cabral Libii of UNIVERS party, he said:

After consulting my campaign directors and lawyers, I have decided to file an appeal for general annulment of the presidential election of 07 October 2018 in order to protect the Cameroonian people from any passage in force projected by ELECAM for the benefit of the CPDM candidate, and this, despite the fact that the Cameroonian people in their vast majority, have made their wide choice on the opposition forces including my application.

After gathering and comparing the minutes we received from our coordination teams in the regions and from our various representatives in the polling stations, we found out that the minutes validated at the level of the various departmental census commissions votes and which will be forwarded to the national commission for the recording of the votes for simple registration, then to the Constitutional Court for their proclamation, are in total contradiction with the copies of the minutes handed to our teams just after the public counting of the votes.

On the basis of this discovery of the shortcomings in the course of conduct and the fraud manifested, the commencement of execution being valid in Cameroonian law, I therefore ask my counsel to obtain the pure and simple cancellation of this election on the grounds that it is neither free nor transparent, even less credible.

This step should in no way be considered an implicit waiver of our widely won votes, but rather as a preventive invalidation of the planned fraudulent victory of the CPDM candidate; it being understood that the Cameroonian electoral code does not allow any appeal after proclamation of results by the Constitutional Court.

We therefore appeal to the high sense of responsibility of the high court to execute the law in order to protect the will of the Cameroonian people expressed during this presidential election.

Following the decision of the Constitutional Court to be rendered, the entire Cameroonian people, including this youth, who mobilized strongly around my candidacy, will also take their responsibilities.

Cabral LIBII

Candidate representing the UNIVERS party in the presidential election of October 07, 2018

PS: The original text was in French, we translated it to English.

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