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    Ahmadou Ahidjo's daughter; Aminatou Ahidjo, betrays her father's corpse and writes tribute to President Paul Biya

    Despite the fact that her father, the late President Ahmadou Ahidjo's corpse are still on exile in Senegal under orders from President Paul Biya, his first daughter, 52years old; Aminatou Ahidjo, came to Cameroon in 2013 against her mother's wish, reconciled with President Paul Biya and is now a fervent supporter of his political party; CPDM.

    She wrote a tribute, celebrating Paul Biya and urging the public to vote for him because he is "God's divine choice for Cameroon."

    Read what she wrote:

    "Dear brothers and sisters, at these important moments in the political life of our country, we will elect the next president who will lead the reins of our country for the next seven years.

    I would like to tell you about a great man, a great statesman, His Excellency Paul Biya. He has always had dreams, dreams larger than life, dreams bigger than Cameroon for Cameroon. He is a visionary who has courage and abnegation, he is a statesman who works and acts. The Cameroonian people each time, renewed his mandates during which with faith, strength and abnegation, he returned to his active service, with an open heart. He jealously preserved the inheritance of the founding fathers, he watched with clairvoyance and rigor on our beautiful homeland, he kept Cameroon in peace.

    To preside over a State is an exalting and noble mission. Almighty God has inscribed His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya in the great book of destiny, our destiny, his destiny. It is also years of self-giving, priesthood and hard work in the service of the nation. 

    The responsibilities of a head of state are heavy. The information is clear and clear. The President of the Republic of Cameroon guides us in the good and the bad moments, anxious for the respect of the institutions, flexible and firm in the republican principles, and pedagogues in the art of managing the country.

    My father, the late President Ahmadou Ahidjo understood early on that His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, was the right man for Cameroon.

    Since my homecoming in 2013 despite everyone's reservations, my father Paul Biya, with whom I share a lot of values, welcomed me with the same spirit that animates me: forgiveness and national reconciliation. 

    Whatever may politically oppose the Cameroonians, the President of the Republic and I, think that above all, there is the highest interest of the nation. The choice that the sovereign people will make on October 7th, will have to take into account this capacity to gather the girls and the sons of our dear and beautiful country. Knowing that the work of national construction is progressive, to lead to the emergence, Cameroon needs all its children here and elsewhere.

    Faced with the many challenges that our country will face in the coming years, my choice for the presidential election of October 7th is that of the heart and of reason. I will vote for the one I consider my father. For all these reasons, I pledge to once again support His Excellency Paul Biya at the 2018 Presidential Election. 

    Through this approach, I will meet you, girls and sons of our beautiful country, where you are because the pulse of Cameroon, cradle of our ancestors, beats in each of our regions. All together let us mobilize to vote the candidate Paul Biya, national president of the CPDM, on October 07, 2018 ".

    PS: The text was originally in French, we translated it to English.
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