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    Samuel Eto'o comes to the rescue of a sick and homeless former Indomitable Lion!

    Norbert OWONA is the former captain of the indomitable lions of Cameroon before the 1972 African Cup Of Nations organized which were hosted in Cameroon.

    This gentleman has been suffering for two years now, from a disease called inguinal hernia.

    Abandoned to himself, Norbert OWONA suffers bitterly.

    Recently, he was chased by his landlord for unpaid bills and since then, Norbert OWONA spends his nights on a veranda in a district of the Douala II constituency.

    "I sleep like an animal, I did not know my country was going to leave me like this," he said.
    Norbert Owona
    The former Union Douala player, who later became the Captain of the Indomitable Lions in the 1970s, developed the inguinal hernia after he lost his wife and his two children.

    "For the past two years, I have been suffering from a problem with my testicles. And it sucks my blood" - Owona Said

    Some of his teammates have expressed concern about the situation. One of them, Isaac Sinkot, said:

     "Norbert OWONA was a great 10, someone who was talented, he was an extraordinary talent. He deserves help. All souls of good will should act"

    When Samuel ETO'O, heard the story he offered to help Norbert Owona regain a healthy state, out of the benevolence of his heart.

    Samuel Eto'o constantly takes advantage of his wealth and status to bless the lives of those in need both Nationally and Internationally.
    He is a well-known international philanthropist.

    Remember that it was Samuel ETO'O who had taken care of Jean Paul Akono after his stroke that had long paralyzed him. Today Jean Paul Akono is doing very well.

    It is still Samuel ETO'O who took care of Martin camus Mimb(Journalist) when he suffered immensely and today Martin is in an exceptional form.

    Samuel ETO'O offered the state of Cameroon a pediatric ward at the laquintinie hospital to improve the health situation of children and mothers.

    Just to name a few instances where Eto'o has been charitable. The list is far from being exhaustive.

    Today the same Samuel ETO'O has taken the initiative to take care of Norbert OWONA; homeless and who suffers from an inguinal hernia.

    Click below to watch Equinoxe TV except of Norbert Owona talking on his predicament:

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