Head Of Department of the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication of the University of Buea; Kingsley Ngange, accused of sleeping with students in exchange for Marks!

Several people are calling out the Head of Department of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication(JMC) of the University of Buea; Professor Kingsley Ngange, for sexually harrasing female students in his Department, by using marks as a bait for them to succumb to his advances.

It all started when an ex-student of JMC who is a Reverend Father, made a post on Facebook, expressing disappointment over the fact that many Journalists have taken the side of the government in the Anglophone Crisis, only because they have been compromised. See his post below:

Professor Kingsley Ngange, took upon himself to respond to the post, throwing shots at the church by saying Reverend Fathers sleep with girls and commit attrocities. Read what he wrote:

That is how a certain girl got provoked and called him out for making him sleep with her when she was in the University. See her post below:

Another Ex-Student of the department of JMC in the University of Buea, who once lectured at the same Department confirmed the revelation. This is what he said:
Independent Investigative journalist; Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji, an ex-student of the department of JMC has gone ahead to make some more revelations about Professor Kingsley Ngange:

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