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    Cameroonian Multi Billionaire; Joseph Kadji Defosso, dies at 95years old! His legacy:

    Joseph Kadji Defosso dies at 95 years old.

    Joseph Kadji Defosso, more than a name, a true legend in the Cameroonian economy. The industrialist and powerful businessman is one of the first major economic operators in Cameroon. His achievements are numerous, his reputation is well established. For the new generation and for those who wonder about the immensity of the multimillionaire's fortune we indulge you to discover this illustrious personality:

    It was around 1923 that patriarch; Joseph Kadji Defosso, was born. At a young age, he got interested in commercial activities.

    He started out selling cigarettes and that's how other products followed. As a visionary, Kadji Defosso was aware that to truly develop the Cameroonian economy, it was imperative to create activities with strong added value.

    In 1962 he started real estate by creating Chimède real estate which today includes heritage buildings: Cauris, Hibiscus, Baobab and Kadji Square(in Douala and Yaounde).

    The company that made Mr. Kadji Defosso as famous as popular artists or even top athletes is the Cameroonian Union of Breweries (UCB) which was born in 1972, now 46 years today.

    UCB employs more than 1,000 Cameroonians daily. The company is resilient and doesn't bow to the competition of major groups operating in the brewing sector in Cameroon.

    Kadji Defosso is also a champion of diversification, beyond real estate and the brewing sector, his presence is very significant in other economic sectors in Cameroon.

    In the production of plastics; his Polyplast company occupies a place of choice in Cameroon.

    In the flour mill, he is present with the cereals company of Cameroon (SCC).

    In transport, shipping and logistics, his companies; Soprotrans SA and SCTL (Cameroonian company of transport and logistics) are active.

    In the Insurance Sector, his company; General Insurance of Cameroon (AGC) is also active.

    In 1995; Kadji Defosso created the biggest training center for young footballers in Cameroon: the Kadji Sport Academy.

    His center has trained superstar footballers like Samuel Eto'o.

    Kadji Defosso's vision is impressive, both striking and breathtaking as it demonstrates the ability of Cameroonians to transform their economies.

    Joseph Kadji Defosso did not build his empire in 1 day, he took the time to build each piece of his puzzle.

    The Bana dignitary in the Western Region will have accomplished everything. His children had taken over in his various businesses, as old age caught up with him, but he was still very present in decision making.

    He was considered one of the biggest fortunes of French-speaking Africa with a fortune estimated by the American magazine Forbes at nearly 205 million US dollars.

    Joseph Kadji Defosso was a worker and a visionary who has known throughout his entrepreneurial career, to go to the end of his convictions.

    He was a source of national pride, a source of inspiration for local entrepreneurs and a model for the new generation of young Cameroonians who dream of a better Cameroon with strong economic operators.

    He was a great philanthropist too. As mayor of the municipality of Bana for several years, he used his own funds and built a town hall worth 800 million CFA francs.

    He is a legend. May he Rest in Peace!

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