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    Woman Mysteriously escapes Kondengui Prison after stealing baby!

    In October 2012, Jocelyne Alabi Ngbwa was found guilty of stealing and killing Vanessa Tchatchou's baby.

    Jocelyne Alabi Ngbwa, a resident of Kondengui Central Prison (Yaounde), is wanted. On July 21, a search warrant was issued against her.

    She is no where to be found and nobody understands how she escaped prison.

    The escaped woman had been in prison since 2012, when she was sentenced to 25 years in prison for aggravated abduction of a minor, causing death.

    What happened was that on August 20th 2011, a certain lady called Vanessa Tchatchou gave birth to a pre-mature baby who was put in an incubator in the gyneco-obsetrics and pediatric hospital in Ngoussi; Yaoundé. Few hours after, the baby disappeared.

    Vanessa said she will not leave that hospital bed until her baby is found. She stayed in the hospital for 8 months, claiming her baby, and on April 12th 2012, she got forcefully ejected from the hospital by the hospital administration.

    Meanwhile, investigations were ongoing, and three people got arrested, including Jocelyne Alabi.

    Jocelyne said with the assistance of a certain Charles Abialina, she stole Vanessa's baby from the hospital incubator on that fateful day after she gave birth.

    She said she did that because she had lied to her boyfriend; Pamen Siranho, that she was pregnant, to make him stay with her because he was philandering. So at that time, she eventually had to prove that she gave birth, that's why she stole Vanessa's baby. She said the baby died later.

    So that was how she got detained, and her mysterious escape from the Kondengui Prison since July 21st, despite all the security is unfathomable.

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