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    "The South West and North West are not militarised"- Jacques Fame Ndongo

    The communication secretary of the ruling party; Jacques Fame Ndongo, dismisses the prerequisites posed by the organizers of the General Conference of Anglophones.

    On the 29th and 30th of August 2018, the work of the General Conference of Anglophones will be held in Buea in the South West Region. Convened by a group of religious leaders led by Cardinal Christian Tumi and former international civil servant; Simon Munzu, it must help find a solution to the crisis that has shaken the South West and North West regions for nearly two years.

    The organizers have laid down prerequisites such as the withdrawal of armed forces deployed on site. Which does not please the government. After the communication minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, it is the turn of his colleague of higher education; Jacques Fame Ndongo, to mark his disapproval.

    Invited to the program "100% présidentielle" on August 7, 2018 as a representative of the presidential-candidate; Paul Biya, the national secretary of the communication of the CPDM answered:

    "The prerequisites are inadmissible in a democracy, in a State which is a Republic. Demilitarization. First, there is no militarization of the state. The Southwest and Northwest regions are not militarized. Security and defense forces are doing their normal job. What is their normal job? It is to guarantee the peace and the security of the population as well as their goods and to preserve the territorial integrity in the respect of the human rights ".

    For him, "we can not ask the army, the gendarmerie, the police, all the other forces and even vigilantee committees to lower their guard so that the highwaymen come to rape, loot, steal , burn, intoxicate, intimidate and so on ".

    With regard to the amnesty; Fame Ndongo said we can not release "those who have violated the laws and regulations of the Republic." Because he says "no one is above the law". To do so would be according to the former journalist "even more serious".
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