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    University of Bamenda students recount how their friend was tragically killed by the military in Bambili!

    Carey Kursuinyuy
    This week has been very tragic for the students of the university of Bamenda in Bambili as some of them have tragically lost their lives in gunfights between the military and Amba boys.

    One of our correspondents in Bambili informed us that last weekend, news started circulating among residents of Bambili from Amba boys that they should evacuate the town because this week would be bloody.

    Some students could not yield to this warning because they were writing their exams, so they stayed back to finish.

    Amba boys uttered this warning so people can take security measures because they know that when they conspicuously storm an area, the military will show up and innocent civilians will loss their lives in the gun battle that usually ensues their presence.

    That is how second year Geography student; 
    Carey Kursuinyuy, of the University of Bamenda, lost his life.
    Carey Kursuinyuy
    The day he was shot

    According to what his close friends told us; Carey finished his exams earlier this week and decided to go out and have some fun by attending a birthday party at a certain cabaret in Bambili (we are withholding the name of the cabaret for security reasons).

    While there, the military stormed the area, in search of Amba boys who were not even at the cabaret.

    Several students who were there took to hiding in the toilet, while Carey was caught up face to face with the police.

    Unfortunately for Carey he had limited understanding in French, the language which the military guys used to speak to him. The military guys asked for his ID card in French, with his limited understanding he got the message and showed his ID card.

    They asked him to undress, he understood and did so.

    They asked him to kneel down, he did not understand, so he raised his hands up in surrender and asked them what they meant, but the police man infront of him misunderstood and took it that Carey wanted to attack him, so he shot at Carey three times and he died on the spot.

    The other military guy asked his counterpart why he shot at the boy and he said because the boy was stubborn.

    Carey's friends who were in the toilet, heard everything that happened. After the military guys went, they crept out of their hiding and rushed to the scene where Carey was shot and his body was no where to be found. All they could see was a pool of blood.

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