Peter Essoka warns journalists, especially those reporting on killings by the military on social media, to stop spreading hate speech or else they would face legal consequences!

The President of the National Council of Communication published on July 12 a statement that calls media people to order.

The National Council of Communication is worried about excesses recorded in the press since the appearance on the web of a video showing the execution of two mothers with their young children.

On July 12, 2018, NCC President; Peter Essoka, issued a statement in which he deplores the deontological acts.

"With regard to some charges against the Cameroon Defense Forces on the basis of a video broadcast on the Internet, the President of the National Council of Communication informs media professionals and the public that some media , drawing on Internet sources in general and social networks in particular, are characterized by the constant dissemination of often unfounded, conflicting information, highlighting hate speech,

It calls on them to observe the rules of ethics and deontology in the process of collecting, processing and disseminating information from various sources, including the internet and social networks. The chairman of the CNC draws the attention of media men on the consequences that may arise from the dissemination of certain information, likely to compromise social cohesion."

Finally, it recalls the penal system set up for the kind of drift mentioned above.

"The president of the National Council of Communication reminds the actors of the media drifts prejudicial to the good social order, that they expose themselves to the sanctions envisaged by the decree of January 23, 2012 reorganizing the CNC, which has in its article 4 (1) that "the Council shall ensure respect for social peace, unity and national integration in all media".

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