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    Government Delegate of Douala Urban Council; Ntoné Ntoné says the floods in Douala were inevitable!

    When questioned about the causes of the floods in Douala, the Government Delegate of the Douala City; Fritz Ntonè Ntonè said that it is not necessary to limit the questions on the drains, on the gutters, and sometimes on the garbage collection. In an interview with Cameroon Tribune on Monday, July 30, 2018, he explained:

    "If we bring this debate back to these, we will always be surprised. The rain that poured into Douala on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, we must analyze it on the weather side and climate change side. We must analyze it much more finely. Such rain, even if it falls in a city where all the gutters are open, there will be floods. When the water level reaches the roofs, I do not see any gutters that can stop that. And imagine if these rains arrive at high tide, as in Limbe, where even the ocean is out of bed."

    According to the Government Delegate to the Douala Urban Community, with climate change, floods will happen more and more. We must therefore be vigilant in improving the systems of their forecasts.

    "In some countries where these systems are refined, people are warned that there will be something in their area. Here we do not know when it will happen. These predictable phenomena to more than 50% must therefore be announced."

    Right now, the concern of the Douala Urban Council is the creation of meteorological services in collaboration with the competent State services so that forecasts enter into our habits.

    "We should not talk about clogged gutters. We must talk about our behaviors. All those who, because they need fire wood and others, destroy the mangroves, must beware. Anyone who, because they are looking for a home, will fill our rivers, and live in marshes, must know that at some point, there will be no more retention of water. Let's focus on these elements. It will better prepare our people, it will sensitize decision-makers," explains Ntonè Ntonè.
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