Body Part Trafficking: 27 year old man confesses after being arrested in Bamenda with fresh human head of a lady!

According to a news report on CRTV Radio, a man who goes by the name of Gilbert Nchinda, an ex-convict is currently in the Bamenda Central Prison after being arrested for being in possession of a fresh human head!

The man confessed to taking a popular lady in Oku, making love to her all night, promising to give her 50,000frs afterwards, taking her to lake Oku, where they had a swim together, cutting off her head with a knife, dumping her body in the lake oku and wrapping the head up in a plastic bag to smuggle to his buyer in Douala.

His buyer is a prisoner in the Douala Central Prison. After getting the lady's head Mr Gilbert called his buyer in the Douala prison to inform him that he was coming with the human head they had negotiated in exchange for 10 million Frs.

Another inmate in the Douala prison overhead the phone conversation and alerted the police in Douala. The police in Douala communicated the information to the judicial police in Bamenda, who in turn disguised as human part traffickers.

That was how they caught Gilbert. The video below shows him when he was caught with the human head in a plastic bag with fresh blood still oozing out of it. It is a gruesome sight, so viewer's discretion is adviced.

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