6 shot by military in Bakweri Town, Buea. 3 dead, including Buea Based artiste; Tzey Unstoppable(photos)

Tzey Unstoppable
The community of Bakweri Town is in mourning right now as six young boys of the town have been shot. Three of them died as at the time we are making this report and the other three have been rushed to the hospital.

One of the inhabitants of Sandpit, a community closed to Frank Field; Bakweri Town, where the shooting took place this morning told us that it was very brief. As in, the military came to Bakweri Town, went straight to Frank Field, shot at those boys and left. As if they came for a specific operation.

Also, another detail that was picked up by eyewitnesses is that the boys were smoking marijuana(weed).

Among the four boys is a Buea based artist; Epitizone Frankline who goes by the stage name of Tzey Unstoppable. See photos below:
Tzey Unstoppable

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