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    Upcoming Cameroonian rapper; Wan Shey, exposed for being a cheat and a bed-wetter!

    Upcoming Cameroonian rapper; Wan Shey, just got caught up in a messy situation.

    Apparently he had a girlfriend, but he went ahead to woo and date another girl, who happens to be a blogger, who goes by the nickname 'La Fleur.'

    So when La Fleur discovered that Wan Shey had another girlfriend, according to what she said, she arranged for a meeting with the girl and talked things out with her, told her she did not know Wan Shey had a girlfriend besides her, they reconciled and made peace.

    Another Cameroonian social media influencer; Vicky Fokala, went ahead to call out Wan Shey, for acting poorly.

    Then she called out La Fleur, insinuating that she knew that Wan Shey had a girlfriend.

    La Fleur, in turn, responded basically explaining that she did not know, and that she had met and reconciled with the girl involved. She reprimanded Vicky Fokala for getting involved. She also also revealed that she cannot fight with another girl over a man she has no legal rights over, especially one who bed-wets.

    She also shared screenshots of her conversation with Wan Shey where he revealed he had sexual weakness. See posts below:

    Vicky Fokala's post
    Vicky Fokala's other post

    La Fleur's post:

    Comment under La Fleur's post
    Conversation between Wan Shey and La Fleur
    Wan Shey apologizing to La Fleure
    News reaching us from Wan Shey's camp says he is not a bed wetter, and the girl is lying. 
    Here is Wan Shey's latest video:

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