Save the date; July 7th, for the Arrey B Entrepreneurship Night!

ARREYB Media under the covering of the Bright Future Foundation is glad to present to you her latest innovative event called the ARREYB Entrepreneur Night to hold on Saturday, July 7th 2018 at Hotel St Claire, Buea.

This event which would be annually is the initiative of the founder of ARREYB Media Group , Arrey Bate who is a dynamic English blogger and journalist.

The event is a platform created to for both upcoming as well as established entrepreneurs to share their experiences and network for the growth of the Cameroon entrepreneur sector.

On each edition, people from all fields who have walked the difficult road, braved the odds and have a story to tell would talk to the young and coach them.

On this edition, Team ARREYB which is working closely with the Bright Future Foundation and hoping to bring the very successful and leading Cameroonian entrepreneurs who would talk, inspire and edify entrepreneurs.

The event is also a strong platform for networking.

This year's edition is scheduled for July 7, 2017 at Hotel St Claire Buea.

Speakers include:

MPARA FAITH - Co-founder Next Generation Ventures
BLAISE B - artist and producer

The dream is to bring hundreds of entrepreneurs across the nation from all walks of life. Topics like business branding, media branding, growing your business, starting up a venture, funding Your initiative,  partnership/ sponsorship approach in business, media branding etc... would be discussed.

There would also be the display of various kinds of products produced by Cameroonian startups.

 The idea is to create a platform to celebrate our own while networking and easing opportunities from major ideas to grow and impact society.

The initiator, Arrey Bate and his team has proved much confidence in making the event one of the biggest entrepreneurial gathering in Cameroon. It is his belief that everybody who starts up something is an entrepreneur and can grow it to any heights; be it an artist who sets out to release his first track, a comedian or a lady who sets out to start a call box.

"Everything can go professional, just needs the right push" -  ARREYB

This year's event would also witness amazing music performances from Blaise B and other artists.

On comedy, the talented  God's Oracle would thrill the audience to laughter.

The event would be hosted by star Cameroonian comedian, OBOY Da Comic.

This year's partners:

Brasseries Du Cameroun
Cameroon News Agency
Samgwa News
Bonteh Media Network
Highland House
Marykeff's Blog
Cameroon News Today
The Wilderness Call
Delicate Clothing
Home Box 1 Video

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