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    Ivorian lady set to sue Petit Pays for fraud!

    An Ivorian event promoter in Europe known as Mama Kikis bio is set to sue Petit Pays for fraud.

    She paid three artists to grace her event in Zurich; Switzerland; an Ivorian artist; a Togolese and Petit Pays. All of them came through except Petit Pays.
    Event flyer

    She went live on Facebook explaining what happened. She even burst into tears at one point, just explaining her ordeal.

    She said from the beginning of the negotiations Petit Pays was very extravagant. He insisted that all his money should be paid upfront, a first class ticket be bought upfront, his lodging in a five star hotel be done upfront, he said for his food when he arrives he would choose where he will eat.

    The lady told him what she could afford; his payment (2,000Euros) upfront, a room at a four star hotel, a normal ticket, his liberty to eat where he pleases when he arrived. Petit Pays agreed.

    That was when he went ahead to make the following video, confirming his presence at the event:

    Petit Pays requested a plane ticket from Paris to Zurich, instead of Cameroon to Zurich because he said he had other shows in Europe during that period, so he will be leaving from Paris not from Cameroon.

    When Petit Pays left Cameroon to Paris, he informed the lady, just to let her know he will be coming for her event as planned. See screenshots of their conversation below:

    On Thursday June 21st, two days to the event in Zurich, Petit Pays travelled back to Cameroon without informing the organizers. They panicked when they heard, they called him and he assured them that he would come back after his show in Douala on the 22nd. That he would leave early and arrive Zurich with the 2pm flight on Saturday.

    On Saturday at 2pm, they headed to the airport to pick him up, but he was no where to be found. They struggled to call, but he won't respond. That went on until time for the show, they hadn't heard from Petit Pays.

    Only for a Cameroonian friend of the event organiser to tell her that her mother back in Cameroon is at an event and Petit Pays is on stage infront of her performing, in Douala.

    That was when it was clear that he was not going to be there. They immediately made provision for another Cameroonian artist in Europe to replace him.

    Petit Pays did not call or text to apologize or say anything. When Ivorians started calling him out on Facebook, he made a video claiming that he was waiting for the event organisers to send his ticket from Cameroon to Zurich for him to go and attend the event, meanwhile that was not their arrangement.

    The lady has already committed the matter to a lawyer in Zurich and she says she is committed to seeing the matter being resolved in court.
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