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    Did Longue Longue snitch on Daphne and cause her deportation from the USA? Daphne speaks out!

    Days ago, we reported that Daphne was deported from the USA because she acquired a tourist visa, which is the wrong visa for any foreigner to use and work(do a paid concert) in the USA.

    According to verified research done by our colleague; Fabz Chi of Kesa Magazine, the following facts were gathered:

    Longue Longue was also supposed to perform on that show, and he was deported before Daphne, by USA Customs and border protection at the Airport.
    Event flyer

    Apparently, Longue Longue also had a tourist Visa as advised by the organizers for fear of TAX. Same type of Visa he had been using for his previous tours. His flight was a couple of days before Daphne's. So he was questioned upon entering and because he had used that same reason(vacation) to come in a couple of times, it raised a flag on his name so he was sent back. Yes, Deported too.

    This guy talks a lot, he flaunts money he gets from shows on social media(Money he gets from the tax free shows), he "Brags" around how he is the best etc.

    There is a high chance that he flagged Daphne's name when he was sent back. A few sources confirm that he tried to make the airport and custom authorities understand that same Visa was awarded to Daphne and she will use it to come in. He may have said this and more to clear his name not knowing that he was putting the poor "Calée" mistress in trouble.

    Several sources say that Longue Longue is the one who implicated Daphne with his utterances at the airport when he was caught. With our points raised above we leave you to judge.

    Meanwhile, an independent radio Journalist in Yaounde; Dulafe Valery, asked Daphne about the whole saga and she responded:

    "I was not deported, I just had the wrong visa so I could not get in. There was a misunderstanding in the paperwork. Love you fans and alot more is still coming."
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