"I saw the Amba boys, I was shocked and excited at the same time"- Anglophone who witnessed the killings and turmoil in Bamenda yesterday, shares experience.[Graphic pictures included]

Bamenda, the heart of the North West region has been under serious heat since yesterday. One of our Beta Pipol who witnessed it all, told us their experience:

"I got to Bamenda in the afternoon to buy some medication for myself because I am not feeling too well. While in town I started getting news from people that 3PM should not meet me in town, but I did not take it seriously. 

Behold, from 3PM, I just noticed that people started running helter skelter, shop owners started closing their shops, people started running to go home. Guess what had happened, Amba boys were in town.

Earlier in the morning, two police people were reported dead at hospital round about. 

I leave in Bambili, so as every one was running home, I set off too. When I got to mile 4, I could not believe what I saw. I saw the Amba Boys. I was shocked and excited at the same time. They were there with their guns and machetes.

They blocked the road infront of me, the road from Mile 4 to Bambui. They were occupying space majestically, doing what they were doing. Onlookers watched, police invaded the area, aiming guns at them and shooting, but guess what happened each time they shot at them; the bullets will take another trajectory and hit an innocent person around the corner. That is how the deaths of the innocent civilians were recorded yesterday. Whenever the military aimed and shot at the Amba boys, the bullet will not touch them, it would rather take another trajectory and hit somebody else.

I took some of these pictures myself, of these innocent civilians who lost their lives in the above circumstances:

Everybody could see the Amba boys on the street, no taxi or car could move. There was total chaos as people were running helter skelter. 

The Amba boys walked into the public security, kidnapped the commissioner and left with him. All the military agents and guards in the public security could not stop them. They tried to shoot them but the bullets won't touch them.

Amidst the confusion, and blocked roads, I could not head back to my home in Bambili. Along with 13 other stranded people we knocked at the first home we saw. They opened, we pleaded with them to grant us shelter till cars can move again and we can go to our homes. The family did not hesitate, they gave us one of their rooms to stay in. That's where 14 of us stayed the night yesterday. In the morning, we went back to our homes."

Reports from other sources in Bamenda have told us that several higher institutes of learning had their exams yesterday, but they were told by the school administrators to stop halfway, at about 3pm yesterday, and go home.

Even in the University of Bamenda, exams were supposed to be written today, but not anymore.

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