Philemon Yang releases the names of 14 Ambazonia activists abroad who have been issued an international warrant of arrest. See full list:

The government of Cameroon has made public, via the Prime Minister; Philemon Yang's special communication on the humanitarian emergency plan for the victims of the Anglophone crisis, the list of presumed militants of the secessionist cause for whom the Cameroon government has issued international arrest warrants.

They are being criticized for their activism, the 'hate' messages they broadcast on social media networks, the fundraising campaigns they run for the purchase of weapons for Ambazonia fighters on the ground.

Six countries, fourteen secessionist activists!

They six countries include Belgium, Norway, United States of America, Austria, Nigeria, South Africa.

According to the published document this is the list of the persons concerned:

Mark Bara (Belgium),
Ayaba Cho Lucas (Norway);
Tapang Ivo Tanku(USA);
Akwanga Ebenezer Dereck Mbongo(USA);
Nsoh Nkem Foncha(USA);
Chris Anu(USA);
Yinkfu Nsangong(USA);
Boh Herbert (USA);
Akoson Pauline Diale(Nigeria);
Akoson Raymond(Nigeria);
Brado Etchu Tabenyang (Nigeria);
John Mbah Akuro(South Africa);
Larry Eyong (South Africa);
Shey Kaavi Wo Melim (Austria)

The government is issuing a warrant  a of arrest for their alleged role in causing young people to take up arms against the state. The government is counting on their host countries for their arrest and surrender to the Cameroon authorities.

According to the government, there is no doubt that the people involved are organizing fundraisers to buy weapons and fund terrorist activities.

Mark Bareta, whose name appears on the government's list, responded:

"From the names mentioned above by La Republique, we now understand why we must collaborate once and for all and push la Republique out of Ambazonia. Those whose names are not there are still on the waiting list and all of us are affected. Southern Cameroonians must not give up. It’s now a matter of live free or die."

After the arrest of Sessekou Ayuk Tabe and several members of his government in Nigeria earlier this year, 2018 and their extradition to Cameroon, the government hopes for similar collaboration with the other host countries. 

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