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    Cameroonian actress; Stephanie Tum, speaks out on the Anglophone Crisis!

    Stephanie Tum; Cameroonian actress/CEO of Embi Productions and Embi Charity Foundation, has taken to social media to express her heartbreak over the current Anglophone Crisis. Read her post below:

    Hello Voice,

    Today is the umpteenth day of wanton pain and agony on these innocent children and women and old men and women. upon very bad socio-economic environment, you have dropped a heavy war of shame on them and elected to be silent while their already mortgaged destinies continue to worst insignificance.
    Nobody asked or sent you to be the voice or face! no one is asking you to continue there! everyone has seen and understood (by the many spectacular failures and your present silence) that you are not capable of getting answers/solutions/ways forward for this bit of earth and colony of destinies! 
    Why insist to stay on? why impose a failed ideology? why remain impassive to widespread suffering caused by the incapacity of your hoard to feel and understand basic human needs and need?

    With all the academics you brag to possess! with all the civilisation and modernism you sing and impress that washes your mind! with all the resources at your disposal (intellectual, material, human, technological) you still cannot accomplish and give simple basic life to innocents who didn't ask to be borne.

    How does so much education and learning, modernism, civilisation, technology, 'democracy' only deliver so much pain, misery and agony?
    has man understood the use of a mind and a heart? 
    What is life? have we become animals? 
    these kids didn't ask to be born to your cruel heartless land, why are they suffering the effect of your faulty policies and politics and it's nefarious effects? 
    they are the product of (mostly) stupid adult sex sports.

    Why isn't anyone seeing their plight? if anyone is seeing why are they not touched by their misery? is it that they are less citizens and human than the rest? is the suffering and agony the purpose for which they were made dear voices? 
    Are you proud of your term in office when you look into their faces and see the fear and uncertainty in their eyes? or your hearts have since shed all feelings?
    Just answers! answer us these questions! when we get the answers we will know how best to die so that you can at last be free of the 'burden' which is us!

    Picture of families leaving their homes due to gunshots in Ekona:

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