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    BESSEM reveals her experience on collaborating with African superstar; Olamide!

    Afropop singer; BESSEM, was a guest on our Tweet chat party and she revealed a lot of juicy stuff as fans asked her questions. The hashtag was #AskBessem:

    On why she changed her name from Miss Bess, to BESSEM, she responded:

    #AskBessem Well MissBess was a name I and Nabil basically came up with... shoutout to @callmenabstar my Bro😘❤️... so I ran with that till when I think I came into my own as an artist... then I decided to drop the Miss and rep my full name BESSEM

    On why she decided to name her EP GESTATION:

    #AskBessem First off.. u Welcome...
    Gestation simply means; the Beginning! The Ep is an introduction to BESSEM and a taste of something new that is to come into the Afro beat music scene.

    ...I only pray the Cameroonian scene especially is ready to embrace a new Era of Afro pop. I Know change is hard but am willing to stick it out till u guys give in😘😘😂 

    When asked how she managed to get International African Artiste; Olamide, on a track:

    #AskBessem I appreciate u taking the time to get to know more... thank U. Well getting Baddo on the Track was a blessing... It was set up by my very good friends and partners over in Naija during my time there!  Hope that answered your question

    In response to how it was, working with Olamide:

    #AskBessem Hi there... Good evening to u too... Working with Ola was great! I think I died the day he called me to confirm the session.. Lol he was gracious, calm and very patient with my nervousness. He is indeed a great artist. As for the Vid.. Stay tuned!!😅 

    Click below to listen to her song with Olamide titled Buy Love:

    When asked whether she plans on collaborating with Cameroonian artistes:

    #AskBessem for now I am very open to working with different artist especially Cameroonians cos i think we have something the outside world will soon feel the need to be threatened by... But right now no one yet! 

    About her opinion on the progress in the Cameroonian Entertainment industry, especially as a Cameroonian artiste based abroad:

    #AskBessem I Just left Cameroon a couple months ago.. And coming back soonest! From Two years ago till Now I would say the industry has taken a turn for the best! Although they re still things to be worked on and well established, it’s doing great 

    On if she has a ready market for her music back in Holland and how the locals there appreciate Cameroonian music:

    #AskBessem well... The locals here love what u guys back home approves as Good.. But the support thou has been real. As for shows.. am embarking on a lil mini Europe club tour soon... Places and dates soon come on Ma Social media  @OfficialBessem on all social media platforms 

    Wirh regards to her biggest challenge as a Cameroonian artiste  a based abroad:

    #AskBessem that’s a very good question... Well first off pple Misjudging and over pricing lol...pple thinking u don’t know what there going throu.. becos your not around.. that’s why I wrote ‘Faut pas Jugé’ à track on the Ep. Explains pretty much my experience

    BESSEM's EP, titled GESTATION is on YouTube, click HERE to stream and enjoy!

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