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    Numerica clears the air on his relationship with Daphne, reveals how he managed school & his career, his plan to get married & alot more juicy stuff! #AskNumerica

    Last Friday we hosted one of our favourite artistes; Numerica, on our Friday Tweet Chat Sessions on Twitter and he shared alot of juicy stuff with us.

    When asked about his music career so far, he responded:

    Started music in 2012 ! It hasn’t been easy till date ! 
    Things are going smoothly and I am releasing my first album this year ! 

    When asked about his genre of music he responded:

    I will just say I do urban music cuz when u listen to my music you hear different kind of genres ! 
    As time goes by, I have learnt so much that I don’t want to have a fixed type of sound ! 
    I want to make people discover other things ☺️ 

    When asked how he managed to go to school and graduate while managing  a his career on the side, he responded:

    I have always had in mind that I must finish with school before doing anything else
    I really had a well planned program concerning my classes , studios & shows. Thanks to my team too for that .
    Nobody can ever remove what you have in your head! So stick to education #AskNumerica 

    It is rare nowadays to see an artist at a certain level who tries to follow music & school at the same time ! 
    Most of them give up on one. Those that succeed I can bet to you that , ils ont ce qu’on appelle le MENTAL 😂
    Donc ça dépend de tout un chacun #YourPrioritiesDependOnYou

    When asked about how he manages to always stay fashionable and stylish, he responded:

    😂😂😂 i won’t lie to you that I only dress the way I feel . I don’t take time to search for clothing combinations . I just go with the flow . 
    If I see something I love I will wear it . 
    I love Eloli , Maryel couture & m’sieur designs 😍 

    When asked about who he thinks is the most talented Cameroonian artist, he responded:

    Ténor (he is lyrically versatile )  , Tzy Panchak  ( His music has a lot of soul & Locko ( Do I need to say it ? 😉)

    When asked about his relationship with Daphne, he responded:

    Daphne is a colleague and good friend 😊 

    When asked about the international collaborations he has done so far, he mentioned:

    Skales , iyanya , Innoss’b... the rest you will discover in my album #Adrenaline

    When asked about what can be done to ameliorate the distribution of Cameroonian music at home and abroad, he responded:

    Before talking about abroad I think we should first talk about our country ! 
    Do you know there is iTunes Benin & iTunes Nigeria ??? None in Cameroon ! That means if you don’t have an iTune card you can’t buy music here in Cameroon using that platform #1 but ... 

    Imagine having a platform where you could sell & buy cmr music via mobile money ! That will be a great thing for our local consumers !
    Now abroad they have internet and everything I can assure you that if your music is good they will buy. 

    As for me I am signed under the label Arise Entertainment and I have the chance to work with Okay Music that is in charge of my distribution. So I can have my music on different international platforms !
    Hope music group also does distribution 

    When asked if there was a music business structure in Cameroon, he responded:

    Not yet it is coming ... very soon.
    Now we’re still hustling to sort things out

    When asked if he had any kids yet, or if he was planning to get married, he revealed that he was planning to get married.

    No child but yeaa i am planning to get married . 
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