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    Ministry of Defence reveals that recently, the population in the South West & North West is helping the police to catch Ambazonian Army members!

    On a program broadcasted on Crtv-Radio; Colonel Didier Badjeck, Head of the Communication Division at the Ministry of Defence(MINDEF), gave an update on the war between the government and the separatists in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

    "Overall, all the attacks by the secessionist terrorists have been handled, and the secessionist terrorists have lost a lot of men, whether on the side of the North West Region or the Southwest. We also note with satisfaction that in these regions, the populations participate more and more by giving information which is the most important for the army. People play an active role in the defense system,"- he revealed.

    On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, to keep the public informed, Colonel Didier Badjeck sent the text below to some of his journalist contacts, in which he expresses the determination of the army to instill peace in the English-speaking regions who have been at war for almost two years .

    "In recent times, the goal of the opposition forces in the northwest and south-west has been to attract, in terms of communication, the attention of the international community on alleged abuses committed by committed military units. 

    Defeated and hunted down until finally brought to book, the terrorists continue to make threats while the Defense Forces will continue the sanctuarization of these regions so that each citizen goes about his business in peace. 

    It is therefore useless to politicize the situation. In his recent speeches, MINDEF reiterated the commitment of the Chief of the Army to restore peace on all the points of Cameroon where there is crisis, and the commitment of the Forces to accomplish this noble task with self-sacrifice and patriotism, until to the supreme sacrifice, if necessary. 

    The Army-Nation is a solid unit that will live for the construction of our beautiful country, and the army relies heavily on the support of its people. 

    The terrorists build camps in the forest, real headquarters where everything is found, ammunition, weapons, fuel, means of transport. 

    It is from these camps that raids are organized on the positions of our Forces and on the population.  

    These camps are the places the forces of law and order are aiming to destroy. If we manipulate this truth by claiming that it is peaceful villages, then it is unfortunate. It is also unfortunate for those who convey such false information."

    Below, are photos received from Colonel Didier Badjeck of the separatist military camps destroyed by the police:

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