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    Askia reveals how she joined Alpha Better Records, how she handles controversy, the challenges she faces as a female MC and a lot more juicy stuff!

    Yesterday, on Beta Tinz Tweet Chat Party; Askia was the guest and she responded to all the questions asked by her fans, giving out a lot of juicy information that many did not know about her.

    Those who took part in the Tweet Chat with Askia were surprised to see that she was very sweet in her responses, because in the media she gets mentioned most of the time in controversy.

    When asked about the motivation behind the nose ring she always puts on, she responded:

    Hey there !! @callmehelter there is no motivation .it is a choice ..My personality is very complicated to most of y'all but I just have different ways from your everyday regular girl .I really can't explain why I am the way I am .its just who I am.

    When asked if she is the Queen of rap she responded:

    Oh wow @ngwasjerry2 Happy weekend ...What a question ..maybe we should ask the public.I do not know how the next thing I say is gonna make everyone else feel so I prefer to skip that question .I just answered out loud to myself tho hihi😂😂😂 No vex I just beg

    When asked if her other label mates; Salatiel, Mr Leo and Blaise B, treat her like a last born because she is the only girl in the label, she responded:

    Last born ? Naaa....not at all . To my brothers I am a brother and All I do is learn. You'd think its easy cuz I'm female but its not .The guys are very strict and I'm glad they are cuz it only helps me push harder and work harder.I'm blessed to have the boys

    When asked about the challenge she faces as a female rapper, she responded:

    What's brother man @Mockors  Thank you for being so respeful towards female rappers ,This tells me a woman is safe with you.biggest challenge ever, The disrespect i get from men who believe as a woman u must lay on your back to be heard or seen or helped 

    My advice  to my sisters . preach girl ... Don't give up too quickly ,Don't give up ever .they will hear you eventually . you do not have to do what they want you to do or be what they what you to be .jus be yourself and come thru girl ..xoxo #AskAskia

    When asked how she joined Alpha Better Records, she responded:

    I just said yes. I didn't think abt it or doubt it ..simple as that ..Been friends with the guys forever before the signing ..Salatiel helped me financially thru out my struggle as a solo artist .

    When asked if she agrees that she is one of the most controversial artistes in the industry, she responded:

    Word!!! Big sister I agree .#Guilty

    When asked if she would love to do a collaboration with another female artiste, she responded:

    Love I want to ..
    I would love to 
    Now ask them if they wanna hold hands .my flaws are out in the open always cuz I'm so real but the ones that are always victims ain't so friendly girl. I am an open book ...

    When asked how she handles controversy, and if insults online get to her she responded:

    Sweet heart I'm human. It gets to me of course but its grown on me.its a part of me now. I can't be hurt no more ,I'm in bliss😍😍😍

    When asked about her relationship with bloggers and what they should do to be better, she responded:

    Honestly I do not know how to please them .they wanna talk abt me more when I'm in trouble. .When its a positive thing they go silent.. 
    Check their blogs. They paint a very bitter picture of me but baby ,I'm not bitter at all .

    They need to learn know this .. 
    A blogger talks abt everything 
    Everything positive and negative .Its hypocritical to focus on what I wear on IG ,or what scandal I'm involve with ,And completely ignore the fact that I was the number one girl on the recently #TruemusicAfrica

    Pls tell me who the real haters are ??? . ... #Trulysad

    By being simply that"Bloggers". Do your part .No bias ,No emotions and most importantly ,Do not hate a good thing just Cruz it happened to a person you hate .just blog .

    When asked who here favourite record label mate is, besides Salatiel, Mr Leo, Blaise B, she responded: 

    😂😂😂😂😂i love em all but bruhhhhh @therealsalatiel  is an Angel

    When asked why she has not put out any new music lately, she responded:

    Hi Dear .Happy weekend .I have been silent cuz I'm working on a couple of projects .very soon I will be giving you a lot of good music . i put in a lot of work and good work takes time love ..

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