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    Police arrest Anglophone activist; Mark Bareta's mother, read what he has to say about it:

    Mother of Europe based influential Anglophone political activist; Mark Bareta, gets arrested by forces of Law and Order.

    They arrested her from her home in Buea, asking her to produce her son; Mark Bareta.

    Mark Bareta took to his social media to speak out on the matter. He said:

    "She is a woman of faith 

    Like every parent, you give birth to a child. You don't give birth to his or her heart/mind, or control their actions. As a strong CWA (Catholic women’s association) woman, she believes in justice and lives her own small life going to bed everyday worried to death, wondering whether I am safe or not. 

    She has numerous times over the years requested that I slow down but came to the conclusion that I am responsible for my own actions.

    Just like any mother, father, boy, girl out there, she is the latest victim of the system.  A system that has caused untold damages and heartache to several families on our land. She may not even be the last in my family that is targeted. La Republique frustrations will push them deeper down into unimaginable levels of darkness. 

    My actions are entirely mine. No one person in my family controls what I do. They can't, even if they try as some have done because political activism is my food and my life; for which I have sacrificed a great part of my personal life and I cannot rest, not when there is so much injustice in my country.

    Abducting the poor woman who is in her late 50s is just another example of crimes against humanity. She is innocent and should not be held accountable for someone else’s actions. 

    My mum, a woman of faith. She has been abducted from our little  home and taken to Buea Police station where she will pass her first night in behind bars. As I learned plans are there to whisked her to Yaounde. They are asking her to produce me, they claim she supports the struggle with money I sent to her. Laughable right? 

    A mother’s love, boundless and endless. How could I be any different, having come from an angel! 

    She is a woman of faith. She believes in her God. I recall our last chat on Sunday; her telling me she was visiting the Catholic Shrine at the Sasse vicinity with others to pray. I am confident as she sleeps in jail for a crime she knows nothing about, but for the fact that she was blessed to give birth to Mark Bareta,her God will not abandon her.

     La Republique must know that keeping her or any other member of families of activist does not solve the conflict. It will never do until the right thing is done. 

    Southern Cameroons , Ambazonia is my home and no one will take that away from me.

    The revolution  continues

    Mark Bareta."
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