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    Woliem Vitalis, an Anglophone detained in Kondengui for the Anglophone Crisis, dies!

    Son of Ayah Paul Abine, who has been actively offering support to the Anglophones who are in detention due to the Anglophone Crisis, announces the death of one of the Anglophone detainees named Woliem Vitalis.

    Ayah Ayah made the following post on Facebook, revealing the events that led to Vitalis' death:


    Brother Woliem Vitalis, one 'anglophone' detainee, dies in hospital!

    I have been reliably informed of the death of Woliem Vitalis in hospital, one of the 'anglophone' detainees at kondengui whose deplorable and declining health condition was supervised by the AAyah Foundation.


    Vitalis was in hospital for over a month as from the month of January under the supervision of the AAyah Foundation. I personally took care of him alongside his wife. I saw how bad he was before he was discharged. He didn't fully recover from his ill-health, but was forced back to prison by the authorities despite the pleas of both the family and myself to the contrary, as we insisted that he be maintained therein or rather transferred to Shisong for more intensive care. He suffered from chronic celebral malaria among several other illnesses, which rendered him almost insane. There were moments he was chained in bed because he was increasingly violent. But the authorities preferred dragging him back to detention in a very worrying state. At the time he was to be rushed back to hospital, he was in very terrible shape, unable to make out even his wife's identity as we were told. We were equally told that the prison authorities resisted letting him return to hospital on grounds that a certain sum of money had to be paid before that could be done.

    His death could have been avoided if he was treated humanely. It's been over 90mins since the doctors have been unsuccessfully trying to reanimate him. All hopes to save the inevitable appears to have been lost. What a manner of treating fellow human beings! 

    The family is inconsolable!

    Photos of Woliem Vitalis at the hospital:

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