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    Atleast 15 women just got arrested for rallying with Kah Walla to protest on the streets of Yaoundé!

    Early this morning of Friday March 9th, Kah Walla rallied several women of her Organization; Stand Up Cameroon, to join her and march on the streets of Yaoundé to protest for President Paul Biya to grant them audience, as a celebration of women's day which was internationally celebrated yesterday.

    Hours after their peaceful public demonstration, about 15 of the women got arrested. They are currently at the Yaoundé central police station number 4 in Mimboman - Liberté.

    This is the protest message they were marching with:

    Cameroonian Women Request an Appointment with the President of the Republic

    This March 8th, we, Cameroonian women are not celebrating.
    We are hurting.  We are hurting for our children, for our families and for ourselves. We are hurting for our country. We are hurting.

    We, Cameroonian women, are hurting and we are fed up. Fed up with a war that is killing our children, civilians and soldiers; a war that has turned us into refugees. Fed up with a regime that does not respect the most basic rights of its citizens. 

    We Cameroonian women, say STOP! STOP!
    We Cameroonian women say STOP! We want nothing to do with your appointments, your institutions that you set up left and right without producing the slightest benefit for the people. We want nothing to do with the rigged elections.

    Mr. the Head of State,
    We Cameroonian women, we who birth and nourish this nation, we say STOP! Mr. President, we must talk to each other. Talk to us before it's too late for our country. We are seeking an appointment with you to discuss three issues: 

    1. How do we end this war that you started, so that our children stop killing each other?
    2. How do we organize the new foundation of our country? We women want respect of fundamental rights, national unity, democracy. We also want electricity, water, schools and roads.

    3. How do we facilitate a non-violent political transition for Cameroon?

    Mr. President, we are asking for an appointment by March 16, 2018. We invite all Cameroonians to join us for this appointment. We ask all political leaders and presidential candidates to join us.

    Mr. President, we cannot take it anymore. We must take our country out of the abyss in which it is.
    We, Cameroonian women, are standing up for Cameroon. We will only sit down when you give us an audience and answer our questions.

    See photos below:

    When some of them got arrested and loaded in military truck:

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