Apostle Johnson Suleman says God told him that Cameroon has been sold to the devil by a group of people, and the Anglophone problem is spiritual. Watch full video:

Popular Nigerian man of God; Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega  Fire Ministries made the following shocking prophecies about Cameroon.

This is what he said:
-The nation of Cameroon has been sold to the devil long ago by a group of people.
-The real problem in Cameroon is not the Anglophone problem, it is a demonic stronghold that is aimed at drinking blood.
-That there is a strongman who is sending soldiers to kill people for him to drink their blood.
-The solution God revealed to him is that Pastors in the 10 regions should do a 21days prayer and fasting at the same time, back to back and all these will die down.
- Cameroon has been praying for the war to stop. No, they should pray for the strongman to be brought down.
-That Cameroon has a future and the devil wants to steal it.
-If the pastors do not pray, this will continue for three, four etc years and it won't stop.

-That it is worse than the Nigerian Biafra war.
-That the crisis is getting to a point where the soldiers will gather people, hundreds of people together and kill them.

-That is their next plan that people are enriching themselves through the crisis.
-He advices that Cameroonians should not wait to loose their loved ones before they start praying.
- He Said God loves Cameroon.

Click below to watch:

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