Ambazonia Fighters send out press release revealing shocking claims about how the government uses their name to commit attrocities in the SW & NW

The Ambazonia Self Defense Council, which comprises of: Ambazonia Restoration Army, The Tigers of Ambazonia, Southern Cameroons Defense Forces and Manyu Ghost Warriors, collectively released their a press statement.

In the press statement, they deny ever taking hostages of Tunisians or the chairman of the GCE Board.

They extended their condolences to the family of the Tunisian Engineer who was killed and they mentioned that the information being circulated, claiming that they are causing havoc in Lebialem and Meme Division is a ploy by the government and they have nothing to do with it.

In the press release, the Ambazonia Self Defense council also claims that during the ongoing Anglophone crisis:

Over four thousand Anglophones have been killed by Cameroonian security forces,
Six thousand Anglophones have been injured,
Three thousand Anglophones have been arrested, 
over sixty thousand Anglophones are refugees in Nigeria. 

A new group called the Lebialem Red Dragons, have surfaced. They are emerging as an independent group, distancing themselves from the other existing Ambazonia Defense forces.

Source: Investigative journalist; Elie Smith

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