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    Maalhox causes Mr Leo not to perform at concert in Yaounde, curses Dynastie Le Tigre for calling him out!

    On Saturday February 3rd, there was a concert at Palais Des Sports, Yaounde, that was to be headlined by Maalhox, Mr Leo, Dynastie Le Tigre, Daphne and Locko.

    According to Charles Deporte; a blogger/journalist who was at the scene, this is what happened:

    The first round of performances which saw artistes like Daphne, Boy Tag, Ko-C, went by and Dynastie Le Tigre  mounted the stage and performed. Some minutes into his performance, the audience started clamoring for Maalhox to take the stage, when Dynastie saw the uproar, he got angry and retaliated saying that is it because he doesn't smoke weed and sing about obscenities that they want him off the stage?

    The public even roared more and he left the stage. In a bid to calm the public, the organisers got Locko to go on stage and do his performance, a strategy that worked, as it went smoothly.

    Meanwhile, Maalhox got to the scene at this time, several tens of youths wearing t-shirts with the label #Mouf(A new movement launched by Maalhox which is also the title of his latest release) rushed to his car.

    On stepping out to head on to the stage with his entourage, the organisers sent a rep to tell Maalhox that Mr Leo was already ready to take the stage after Locko's performance, so he should wait.

    Maalhox got furious and sent the representative to go back and tell the organisers that if they don't allow him to go on stage at that instant he will go back to his house and sleep.

    That was how the organisers allowed him on stage, as he mounted the stage the crowd got crazy in excitement, it was like "finally, the one we have been waiting for."

    Maalhox, who had already been notified by SMS of what Dynastie had said in his regard, gave an electric performance and after that he responded to Dynastie using the curse words "his mother's big cunt."

    The crowd went crazy with people clamoring that Maalhox had dealt with Dynastie.

    After his performance the crowd became uncontrollable, several people started leaving, others just got violent as they debated the Maalhox/Dynastie saga, and the organisers withheld Mr Leo from climbing on stage for security reasons.

    That is how the show ended pre-maturely!

    Maalhox later went over to Facebook to keep throwing dabs at Dynastie. See posts below:

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