Eye witness exposes how corrupt police officers in Bamenda are using the curfew to exploit anglophones!

Since early February, the government has instituted a curfew prohibiting citizens in the North West region from being out of their homes from 8pm to 6am.

The curfew was instituted as a means to track down and stop the activities of the separatists who have been sending threat messages to the government.

This week again, the curfew was renewed, see signed decree below:

Equinoxe journalist; Mimi Mefo, took to her Twitter(@mimimefo237) to share what she witnessed with her own eyes at City Chemist; Bamenda. This is what she said:

"It was just few minutes after 8pm that a team of police officers on patrol parked their vehicle by the road at City Chemist roundabout where they stormed a bar that was still attending to customers.

The bar owner was probably about closing for the day but had to allow customers empty their bottles. 
In few seconds 3boys were picked up and thrown behind the police van. They were not given any chance to explain...i only heard the officers pouring insults and calling them names 

After the boys had begged for minutes, i saw how one of them climbed down the vehicle,removed money from his pocket and gave to the officer; he was immediately allowed to go. The second did same and regained his freedom too. Then the 3rd had to wait longer.... 

The police van drove off, and that is what awaits any defaulter of the curfew instituted on Bamenda. The sounds of music residents in Douala, Yaounde, Bafoussam, Bertoua etc listen to at night are absent in Bamenda and people know not how long this will last.
The fear is general."

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