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    Chantal Ayissi and her siblings fighting over their late father's inheritance!

    Following the passing of late Ayissi Ntsama, former boxer Gold Medalist in the African Games in 1966, his children and wife are at logger heads over the property he left behind.
    After the passing of their father, the eldest of the celebrity siblings; Ayissi Le Duc became co-administrator of his estate alongside his mother, and the other siblings are co-heirs. 

    Ayissi Le Duc went to the court of first instance in Yaounde and opened a request for the succession of the property of their late father, claiming that a family meeting had held and resolutions had been made and approved as to how the property will be shared, and that he was acting according to those resolutions.

    The other siblings, who include the veteran singer; Chantal Ayissi who is based in France, claim that the family meeting held without their knowledge and they disregard any resolutions that came out of it. 

    Meanwhile, Ayissi Le Duc says he still has copies of the summons he made to his other siblings calling them to come home for a family meeting, and they never did.

    They are urging their mother to give inventory of all their late father's assets, and she has denied that she wouldn't, for when she and her husband were building together they were not present and don't know how they did it, so she would not comply to their request now just because they have gotten French Nationalities and feel like they are entitled to make such demands.

    The next court session has been scheduled for the 2nd of April.
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