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    Cameroonian actor; Frank sire, who also doubles as a Gigolo now exposed!!

    Before we get into the story we'd like to define the meaning of Gigolo: 'A young man paid or financially supported by a woman, typically an older woman, to be her escort or lover.'

    Kinnakas Blog had an exclusive to the story of a singe mother in the United States who came forward and exposed Cameroonian actor; Francis Ayuketang Ndip aka Frank Sire for scamming her.

    According to the story, which is verified by the way.

    Frank Sire and the lady started talking on Facebook in December 2016. The lady, who is a single mother had just lost her second baby when she and Frank Sire started their long distance relationship. Frank promised to marry her and take care of her only child. He promised to become a pastor and chase away every evil that tries to behold her family. He insisted that she shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone else because he genuinely loved her and would marry her. He then started asking her to send him money to settle his bills, back payments, and to look after his daughter which she did. Even when she had financial difficulties and couldn't send Frank money; Frank would get angry and tell her he was stressed because he didn't have a job, that she should support him, and he will marry her and take care of her financial bills too.

    Meanwhile; during this same period, Frank had gotten a US based Cameroonian actress pregnant, she gave birth to twins and they secretly got married.

    Frank later on told the single mother he was in a long distance relationship with that he wanted to travel to the USA to meet her so they could eventually get married and live together. The lady supported him financially during the processing of the documents and his visa eventually came out. He then travelled to the USA and went straight to his wife and twins, He blocked the lady on all the social media platforms they were using to communicate.

    Click HERE to view the receipts of the money the lady sent to Frank.

    After Kinnakas Blog published the story; Frank went ahead to threaten the woman to retract the story or else he would publish her nude pictures. Click HERE to see screenshots of the chat.

    Since this story broke out, we at Beta Tinz have received a claim from another lady saying she had a similar encounter with him.

    Frank took to Facebook to post what is supposed to be a response to the story:

    His wife should probably engage him in couples counseling. Since they live in different countries, online couple's counseling will work perfectly for them. Click HERE for further information on online couple's counseling.
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