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    Institute Of Customer Service Cameroon Launches First International Customer Service Awards

    When Is The Award?
    The Institute of Customer Service is proud to present the annual international Customer Service Awards Cameroon, which closes the activities of the international Customer Service week from October 2 to 6th 2017. The awards gala is scheduled for the 6th of October 2017 in Douala.

    Why A Customer Service Award?
    This award provides an opportunity to recognize and reward the hardworking individuals and businesses who provide excellence in customer service. We celebrate and reward excellent customer service offered by Business, Not for Profits, Government organizations, individuals and Customer Service professionals. These Awards are open to any organization that provides service to customers, not simply retail trade. This event highlights the importance of customer service and encourages businesses and staff to strive to exceed customers’ expectations.

    How Is The Nomination Process?
    The nomination process for 2017 is company generated, and the finalist is reviewed by an independent panel, the process is kept simple by way of nomination by staff of the said organizations or companies.  Each Company simply does an in-house selection and provides the finalist to the Awards, this finalist will then be recognized before the eyes of the world as best Customer Service Staff of the said company. From 2018 all judging will be done by an independent judging committee.

    Venue Of The Awards?
    Awards will be presented on the 6th of October 7.00pm at Hotel Vallée des Princes, Douala, where the Finalist of each company will be announced.

    Why Should My Company Participate?
    This is an opportunity for your company to show to its customers that you care about customer service and show the world the actions you are taking to improve your company’s’ customer experience. As each company presents its finalist, a short video of the company’s customer success stories will accompany. This will be the one event this year in which all companies in Cameroon will be celebrating Customer Service excellence. You do not want to miss out.

    Can I Participate As An Individual?
    Yes to live this experience you can book your ticket and watch this live before your very eyes and be part of the gala, the exciting presentations, the musical shows and the great red carpet reception.

    Why Sponsor The 2017 International Customer Service Awards Cameroon?
    ·         As a sponsor of the 2017 Customer Service Awards in Cameroon, your organization is demonstrating its commitment to customer service standards in Cameroon.

    ·         Being part of an event which will go down as one of the milestones in the careers of many assembled – you can be there on that special day! Align your brand and services with excellence in customer experience.

    ·         Meet decision makers and influencers from teams of the biggest organizations in customer experience in Cameroon.

    ·         Engage with an audience before or after the event via a choice of different activities, organized by us with our awards audience, online or in person, before and after the event.

    ·         Strengthen relationships by entertaining, rewarding and impressing your clients at your table or network with the other guests at the awards.

    ·         Your guests will be treated like the VIPs they are via our concierge service and the attention of one of our appointed hosts.

    ·         Tailor your sponsorship to meet with your specific brand activities. Choose from a number of different sponsorship packages to suit your budget and the status of your brand.

    ·         The awards ceremony itself and publicity surrounding the gala presentation will provide an opportunity to highlight your organization’s vision and commitment to reaching out to society and sharing with the industries finest actors.

    Will This Be Happening Only In Cameroon?
    No this event will be taking place during the Customer service week and will be celebrated in over 60 Countries around the world. The international customer service week for 2017 runs from October 2nd to 6th this year.

    How Can I Book A Ticket, Sponsor Or Participate?
    Event Website:  http://www.icscameroon.com/awards/home
    Email: awards@icscameroon.com
    Contacts: +237 677144395 / +237 698093335 / +237 243381414

    For More Details Contact:
    CEO, Institute of Customer Service Cameroon
    Tel: +237677144395  +237698093335
    Email: fmbinkar@icscameroon.com

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