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    Adele Mbala relegated as CRTV reshuffles

    CRTV’s Adele Mbala has been replaced as Director of TV information, to assume a new role as head of the communication unit of the CRTV.

    Her new appointment has been perceived by many as punishment, after the former 8:30 French Television news presenter was suspended for announcing a fake list of new members of the government of French President Emmanuel Macron on May 15, 2017.

    The appointment comes after an extra-ordinary session of the Board of CRTV, which was chaired by the Board chairman and Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary. 

    Below are the names of other appointees to assume various posts of responsibility at the CRTV, following the board meeting.

    Jean Atangana- Director of TV information (was already serving retirement prior to new appointment)
    Alain Belibi- Central Radio Director (maintained). 
    Madeleine Soppi Koto- Director of Radio Editors
    Ibrahim Sherif- Central Television Director (maintained).
    Jean Atangana- Director of TV Editors
    Kange William Wassaloko- Station Manager CRTV South West. 
    Nalova Mokake – Station Manager CRTV Littoral
    Giselle Meniga- Station Manager CRTV Center 
    Moussa Marandata- Station Manager CRTV Far North
    Bertin Ayangma- Station Manager CRTV North
    Lazare Filou- Station Manager CRTV Adamawa
    Berthe Mballa- Station Manager CRTV South
    Kelvin Mbounda- Station Manager CRTV East
    René Njoya Mot- Station Manager CRTV West
    Marie Louise Gbwa Cheka- Station Manager CRTV North West

    CRTV Chief of Stations :

    Sidonie Sikoa- Fm94 Yaounde
    Leonardo Châtelain- Fm105 Douala
    Evelyne Ngo Lambidjek Poala- Fm Mt Cameroun Buea 
    Mary Lum Azonga- Fm Bafoussam
    Fredy Melingui- Fm Kribi
    Saïd Abdelkarim-Fm Kousseri
    Djamo Haman- Fm Yagoua

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