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    Lady Creates An “Anger Room” Where People Pay $500 To Express Their Anger Towards Donald Trump

    Ever since Donald Trump was elected President in November, Donna a restaurant marketing manager has seen a “huge” surge in her business. Donna, 31, is the owner of the Anger Room, where America’s despair, pent-up emotion, exasperation and rage towards Trump are all being tackled with the help of a baseball bat. .

    She charges $25 for five minutes of smashing up TVs, sofas, desks, computers, potted plants, old videos, printers, pictures and any other item asked for. Prices rise to about $500 for custom room set-ups, with the most expensive scene so far being a replica of the Oval Office, with a Trump mannequin sat at the desk. .

    “Forget Donald Trump’s pledge to make America great again,” says Donna, “he’s made America hate again, the bookings have gone through the roof. “I know the President has spoken about wanting to make American businesses succeed, but he helped mine long before his inauguration.

    “There is no fake news or anyone with a fake fuse here. The anger is very real. People leave here feeling a whole lot better, having whacked the hell out of something. It’s like therapy to them.”

    Despite being based in a staunchly Republican state, anyone doubting the anger felt toward the President need only take a quick glance at the warehouse’s graffiti to see how some locals feel.
    Customers can choose from a whole variety of tools to use, including lump hammers, two-by-fours, table legs, crowbars and even crutches.

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